The Wholesale Formula Review – Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost (2023)


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Who Are Dan Meadors & Dylan Frost? 

Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost they ranked as Amazon Best Seller and they have a big achievements inside Amazon.

Their Amazon business started with only $600 investment which was the maximum amount they could fetch altogether. They started this wholesale part-time business that turned out to be profitable in a few months. So they resigned from their full-time jobs and concentrated on selling through Amazon regularly.

Since then, they have earned enormous amount of $30,000,000 in sales through Amazon. They get time to spend with their family because they have assigned their daily operations very well.

So far, they have helped 3856 students, who have made a total of $510,479,489 on Amazon using the Wholesale Formula.

What Is The Wholesale Formula?

The Wholesale Formula has been designed by Dan Meadors and Dylan Forst For keeping in mind the concept of reverse sourcing wholesale strategy. Unlike the typical product distribution chain encompassing a manufacturer, wholesale distributor and the Amazon seller, Dan and Dylan Wholesale Formula focuses on traffic wholesalers who form the middlemen.

All that remains is the manufacturer and you, the seller. Here is a Quick Overview About The Wholesale Formula (TWF) 2021 Edition:

  • The Wholesale Formula business model is Unique Not similar to other common amazon Courses.
  • There are other  Amazon business models that claims a successful amazon strategy but are much Expensive.
  • The Wholesale Formula Course was extremely delightful for Dan and Dylan, as their students earned $1,057, 143, 592 on Amazon using TWF.

This formula was created to help you utilize the power of wholesale and seek leverage against big brands online on the Amazon platform.

The Wholesale Formula Program Work Steps

TWF enables you to get your product directly from the brand owner. You can get your product from a US factory directly to an Amazon warehouse within a week, instead of getting outsourced.

This eliminates any chances of any middlemen in between. All you have to do is to deal with the product brand owner and then resell that product.
The Amazon Wholesale business course creators have projected a simple 3 S-Formula, which you can use to get success on Amazon.

Scout for your products.

Use our straightforward process to identify opportunities in the Amazon marketplace that have untapped potential.

Source your products

by connecting directly with brand owners and providing them REAL value to become an authorized seller of their products.

Sell profitable products

by following our one of a kind system to consistently beat the market so you can have the wealth, freedom, and Your wanted lifestyle .

What Do You Get?

This is the starter module, where the authors introduce the users to the Wholesale Formula business model. It explains the reverse wholesale concept and walks you through the steps required to set up your business.

Next, you’ll learn how to effectively and efficiently analyze Amazon products to determine their profit potential to see if they’re the right fit for your business.

Here the authors have explained in detail about scouting methods to find the most profit-generating products. They have discussed methods like Leaf Sourcing, Super Targeting, and Amazon Filtering to quickly find the best wholesale products.

Stand out and make yourself irresistible to brands to significantly increase your account approvals! Your Amazon expertise will help turn your partnered brands into raving fans.

Discover the exact systems we use to contact brand owners, open wholesale accounts, and negotiate lower prices. Accurately forecast sales to place accurate initial orders and reorders ensuring you never miss a sale.

But that’s not all, you will get

Webinar Recordings

These are over 12 hours of webinar recordings from previous TWF classes where you learn more tactics form Dan & Dylan plus tons of valuable answers to students’ questions.

Resource Vault

The Resource Vault is your one-stop shop for action-oriented lessons that support your wholesale journey. The vault contains lessons on how Amazon works, Seller Central, setting up a business, working with software like G-suite, and much more!

The Wholesale Formula Bonus

TWF Prime Launch Program

Bonus #1: 3 Months Coaching + Support With Membership in TWF Prime Launch Program ($291 Value)

Follow our TWF Expert Coaches lead as they guide you to build a successful business of your own! You'll get all the benefits of a TWF Prime Membership plus a step-by-step roadmap through your first several weeks as a new TWF Student. You'll be able to attend 1-Hour Live Sessions with TWF Coaches where you can get your questions answered and watch them demonstrate their own unique strategies. Additionally, you'll have access to an exclusive Facebook Group with the Coaches and other new students where you can ask questions and get a guaranteed answer from an Expert. The TWF Prime Launch Roadmap will give you a detailed plan for what YOU need to do to learn our model and put it into action as you go through each module of The Wholesale Formula plus extra tips and tricks from our TWF Coaches who have built their businesses into successful machines! That's not to mention some of the other amazing benefits of being a TWF Prime member that you'll get a taste of, including access to bonus courses like Brand Optimization Formula, Opening Emails, and VA Launchpad, exclusive discounts to our VA Placement, Done-For-You Reimbursements, and Graphic Rhythm services, unique videos and resources from the TWF Coaches and Team, and much more!

Bonus #2: TWF ALUMNI COMMUNITY ($1,000 Value)

When you enroll in TWF, you also get exclusive access to our TWF Alumni Facebook Group. Network, collaborate and forget relationships that can be truly invaluable to your business. Membership is only available to those enrolled in the program.

Bonus #3: VA LAUNCHPAD ($249 Value)

This is an additional full training course that will show you how to both hire and train your very own virtual assistant. Once your business is taking off, hiring a VA can be one of the most valuable things you can do for your business. It has allowed us to spend more time with our families and more time growing our business.


TWF All-Star student Aymeric Monello mastered the craft of optimizing Amazon product listings to help brands find more customers, sell more units and better represent themselves online. In Aymeric’s Brand Optimization Formula Course, you’ll learn his secret Compounding Effect, “The List” of 18 things you can optimize on any listing to 10x your sales, and his step-by-step System to perform each. Once you’re done, you’ll know how to optimize any listing and provide MASSIVE value to any brand owner.


Follow one of our most successful TWF Expert Coach’s lead as they guide you to build a successful business of your own! With access to the TWF Coaching Momentum Program, you’ll have a step-by-step plan for what YOU need to do to learn our model and put it into action as you go through each module of The Wholesale Formula! Plus, every two weeks, your TWF Coach will release their own expert video lesson on their secrets for excelling with each module and host LIVE Q&A sessions for you to watch them demonstrate their own personal tips, tricks, and strategies firsthand.

Bonus #6: Exclusive Software Discounts ($3,000 Value)

One of the ways your business can practically run itself is through automation created by software. That’s why our fifth bonus includes exclusive discounts and free trials to the best Amazon and ecommerce-related software.

Bonus #2: All Future Course Updates

Get instant access and notification when any new course content is added! Even after all of our success and experience with Amazon, we are still learning new ways to grow and improve. And we love nothing more than sharing those new insights with you. Anytime we add new material to the course, you’ll receive an instant notification of the new addition so you can jump right in and learn.

But That’s Not All

rapid crush bonus package

Rapid Crush Bonus Package

RC Bonus #1: ManageByStats (& SellerMail™) ($719 Value)

This is the software I think every Amazon seller should be using, but most have never heard of it. There is no free version of this software, and most sellers, if they are smart, pay $719.64 per year to use ManageByStats. But I have something no one else has - I helped get the founder and creator of this software, Philip Jepsen, started on Amazon way back in 2013...

wholesaler site

RC Bonus #2: Done For You Wholesaler Site ($1,000 Value)

The easiest way to close brand deals is to have a killer looking, professional website. But building a website right will usually cost at least $1,000 to outsource, because this website needs to look polished and say the right things. So we're just going to DO IT FOR YOU.

RC Bonus #3: Listing Level Up & Keyword Radar ($6,250 Value)

In this exclusive, members-only training, I'll show you every Amazon listing optimization secret I know. From title, to images, to bullet points, to product descriptions, and more. I'm the highest paid conversion expert on the planet, and even Zoom itself brought me in to train its user base on conversion. Now you get that same expertise FOR FREE.

RC Bonus #4: Brand Bait ($2,000 Value)

I'm going to give you a simple fill-in-the-blank template that you can use to effortlessly create a custom report for any brand whose products you want to sell on Amazon. When you show them this report, they will thank the heavens that someone like you has finally come into their life, because it will be obvious and undeniable to the brand owner how much value you bring to the table.

va placement pricing

RC Bonus #5: One Year Access to VA Placement ($661 Value)

The Wholesale Formula is so truly "formulaic" (and so simple) that you can outsource most of the day-to-day work to virtual assistants (VAs). The usual challenges with hiring VAs are numerous - They need to be found, qualified, vetted, trained, and they need to be managed... plus they can often be expensive. Enter VA Placement - where the VAs are already found, vetted, taught all the Amazon basics, certified on their skills, and are ready to go. These VAs have gone through the proprietary "VA University" program specifically designed for Amazon-based seller businesses. You just have to train them on the specifics of your business and the process you want them to follow.

RC Bonus #6: 5,000 Products In 136 Minutes ($1,125 Value)

We were on a conference call with the guys at The Wholesale Formula (Dan & Dylan) when, as an aside, they showed us a brand they just landed as a reseller and how they were able to sell 5,000 units of one of its products in two hours and 16 minutes. In fact, they would've sold more, but the brand didn't initially think they could sell that many units in a week, much less an afternoon, so they ran out of inventory.

RC Bonus #7: Compulsive Success ($499 Value)

In fact, for about half the people who use this bonus, it will do little more than put you in a calm, relaxed and soothing mood. But for the other half of you, this "strange" set of audio tracks will compel your success, and magnetize Amazon profits to you. It's the same sort of science Jason Fladlien has applied to help him find products, land deals, and make more money. Think of a time in your life when you've just been ON - where your intuition was sharp, you knew what to do and just did it, and everything seemed to go your way.

RC Bonus #8: The Whale Bonus ($12,000 Value)

Here's the deal. The real big (8 figure) successes using The Wholesale Formula all have one thing in common - they have that "whale" account, meaning one account they land makes them millions of dollars just on its own. Dylan and Dan - creators of The Wholesale Formula - have landed several of these accounts.

The Wholesale Formula Price

You have 2 enrollment options

  1. One Payment of $2997 (instant discount of $499)
  2. 4 Monthly Payments of $874
Is Kibo Eclipse Scam

We are proud to offer a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee to pay-in-full customers only.
A paid-in-full client who would like a refund should simply email our team at support@thewholesaleformula within 30 days of purchase. Our refund policy is customer friendly and has no other conditions or stipulations. Our team will process the refund and the customer will see the funds in their account within 5-7 business days.
Though a refund will not be provided for any customer who has chosen the payment plan option, a customer may request to cancel future payments simply by emailing Their TWF access will be revoked.

Remember, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity

and you’ve got everything to gain, nothing to lose and

it could change your life FOREVER…

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