The Loci Cycle Review By Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz (2021)

The Loci Cycle Review

Hey, Thank you for stopping by my Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz’s The Loci Cycle Review, plus Ampifire Review.
If you are looking for a real & honest review, you are in the right place. But, if you are here because you are interested in the program, You can find The Loci Cycle Official Website Here.


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The Loci Cycle (All-Details)


Who are Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz?

Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz

Chris Munch is a famous internet marketer, who is best known as being the owner of MunchEye, and being the founder of various different Saas companies.

He has also released some high-quality courses, helping people all around the world find success. He is also the founder of PressCable, a news distribution & content marketing company specializing in helping agencies get local businesses more visibility online. 

Over the past 15 years Chris has been releasing independent websites and software into the wild web. His sites and online properties have reached in excess of 30 million people online, and sold hundreds of thousands of digital and physical products, and been featured in TheSun, Mashable, USAToday, Wired, Gizmodo & more.

Jay Cruiz is an entrepreneur and the business partner of Chris Munch. He is the Co-Founder of PressCable. Also, he co-founded the programs 100k ShoutOut and AmpiFire with Chris Munch. Jay left his job in 2013 to start his own business then teamed with chris and helped to increase sales by 350% in short time.

Limited Time FREE $2,079+ Per Week Loci Cycle Workshop

Part #1: $2079/wk “Loci Farming” eBook

Discover The Loci Cycle – And explore the simple Beginner-Friendly 3-Step Method we use, to generate passive profits in ANY niche with ZERO competition.

PLUS, a special feature on how they’re applying this to make money in the exploding Crypto niche… WITHOUT buying a single coin!

Part #2: The Loci Cycle Mindmap

Discover The Loci Cycle and explore the simple Beginner-Friendly 3-Step Method we use, to generate passive profits in ANY niche with ZERO competition. Also, including one BOOMING future mega-trend.

With the Mindmap, you will learn each step in The Loci Cycle. This includes choosing the offer, Loci Farms, free targeted traffic, and more …

What Is The Loci Cycle?

The Loci Cycle is a unique proven method for making consistent, passive income. With simple “copy & paste” mini-websites (Loci Farms) Already proven to convert and a clever underground Ampifire Software traffic tool.

What sets this apart from other eCommerce & affiliate methods is that this is MUCH faster and easier for people to implement. Even if you have no previous experience or you are a newbie.

The Loci Cycle Is A Lean & Self-Sufficient Business Model:

The Loci Cycle and AmpiFire 2.0 software give you the power to make money in any niche, with any offer, product, or website, without having to rely on paid ads, SEO, or any other difficult traffic methods.

How Does The Loci Cycle Work?

How Loci Cycle Work

The Loci Cycle is a program that looks to take full advantage of the ongoing boom in online marketing. It will take care of most parts of running your internet business. From Choosing product, Building your site, traffic, and sales, all in an automated system.

Improving the validity of your content, these will be shared in the 400+ high authority web sites as well as many more, bringing in traffic to your store.

The dedicated traffic funnel is a technique that guarantees traffic to your business and many conversions. This means that once you choose & list a product on your web site, page, etc, the program and the associated network will bring in customers for you.

By sourcing this traffic from high-authority sites with full credibility, the program ensures maximum conversions for your business.

Ampifire 2.0 Review (Free With Loci Cycle)

AmpiFire 2.0 is the greatest A.I. assisted traffic automation software. It drives free targeted buyer traffic in any niche. Ampifire Software creates all kinds of unique content (news articles, blog posts, videos, podcast audio ads, slide decks and now infographic images too!)

Whatever you want to promote, and gets that content seen on some of the biggest websites in the world. Your content will be seen in Google News, YouTube, Apple, and 200+ more (every time!) You’re going to get a special version of AmpiFire software which is only available through this Loci Cycle offer.

The AmpiFire strategy is simple, but effective. We are all about creating online authority for you and your brand by combining strategic content and multimedia throughout hundreds of high value digital placements and websites.

What Do You Get?

Loci Cycle Training

"The Loci Cycle" 12-Week Live Masterclass

The complete 12-week training program, giving you the step-by-step instructions you'll need to build, stack and scale your profits like clockwork, using our Amplification method.

Ampifire 2.0 Free Access

AmpiFire 2.0 Software Access

The World's First & Only "Amplification Engine" - our cloud-based software with nothing to install, which automates our most powerful method for getting free targeted buyer traffic - as simply as filling in a form.

Ampifire 2.0 Credits

AmpiFire 2.0 Credits: Ultimate Pack

You're going to get 36 complementary Amp Credits to use with AmpiFire 2.0 and fuel your Loci Farms with free targeted buyer traffic - while saving countless hours and generating unusually high conversions.

Loci Farm Template

Copy & Paste "Loci Farm" Template

This proven, high-converting mini-website template promotes your chosen offers to the people who want to buy them, so you can keep getting paid commissions. We give you everything, so you can `copy and paste' without any tech skill.

Loci Cycle Mastermind

Private "Loci Cycle" Mastermind

Our private community where we crowd-sourced our most powerful tactics. Now you can be part of it too, getting cutting edge advice from us and our most successful users 'LIVE'.

12 Months Of Email Coaching

12 Months Of Email Coaching

You'll never have to go far to get the answers and support you need. Your dedicated coaching team is set up to help you find the answers for anything you need - usually in less than 24 hours.

But That’s Not All

The Loci Cycle Bonus

The 90 Day Challenge

BONUS #1: The 90 Day Challenge

Responsible for creating more success stories than anything else we've done - this is, without a doubt, our best plan for setting up strong RECURRING profits within 90 days.

Loci Cycle 6-Figure Case Studies

BONUS #2: Loci Cycle 6-Figure Case Studies

See the stories and methods of some of our most successful users, breaking down their campaigns to get a little inspiration and to see what's possible.

One-To-One Coaching Call

BONUS #3: One-To-One Coaching Call

If you need 'the plan' tailored a little more to your unique situation, Jay and his expert team in London, UK have put aside time to help you forge your ideal personal strategy.

Crypto Loci Farm Minisite Builder

BONUS #4: Crypto Loci Farm Minisite Builder

Deploy your very own Crypto optimized website, which automatically sources content for you to build its authority alongside your Amps! Includes ready-to-profit affiliate offers up to $500 per sale - Just choose the site's name!

Ampifire Live Event

BONUS #5: Ampifire Live Event Ticket

Our private Ampifire Live 2-Day acceleration event where we crowd-sourced our most powerful tactics. Now you can be part of it too, getting cutting edge advice from us and our most successful users 'LIVE'.

The Loci Cycle Price

This priceless system with the bonuses worth is $40,000+. But, Chris & Jay are going to allow you to literally steal this from them for just $3495. Furthermore, you have 2 enrollment options

  1. One Payment of $3495 (instant discount of $494).
  2. 4 Payments of $995.

Your investment is 100% risk-free

60 day money back guarantee


If for any reason (or no reason at all) you decide “The Loci Cycle” offer is not for you… we’ll refund 100% of your money, so long as it’s within 60 days of your initial investment.

And There’s More…

Since this is a digital product and you get immediate access, there’s nothing you have to return or ‘send back’. We won’t even cancel your access to “The Loci Cycle” training.

In case of a refund, you can still keep the course and make a profit with the knowledge you’ve gained.

So as you can see, the risk is 100% on us.

The Only Risk You Take right now is letting your life stay the same… by not using what you’re able to discover inside “The Loci Cycle”… by not putting our simple system to work, to build your own stackable, scalable passive profit streams online.

My Loci Cycle Review (IS IT FOR YOU?)

To sum everything up about the Loci Cycle system and the benefits of your membership, let’s recap on some critical points…

Remember, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity 

and you’ve got everything to gain, nothing to lose and 

it could change your life forever…


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