The Membership Experience (formerly TRIBE) By Stu McLaren (2024)

The Membership Experience

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If you are looking for a real & honest review, you are in the right place. But, if you are here because you are interested in the program, You can find The Membership Experience Official Website Here.

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The Membership Experience [ALL-DETAILS]

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Who Is Stu McLaren?

Stu McLaren

Stu McLaren is a Canadian entrepreneur. Since 2008, Stu has been working intimately with tens of thousands of authors, speakers, coaches, consultants and business owners to transform what they already know, love and do into recurring revenue by launching, growing and scaling 6, 7 and 8-figure membership businesses.

In 2008, he co-founded the world’s most popular membership platform for WordPress (WishList Member). When Stu sold his interests in October 2014, they were powering over 58,000+ online communities and membership sites..

As the former co-founder of the world’s leading membership platform for WordPress, WishList Member, and now creator of the TRIBE Experience, Stu McLaren has a unique behind-the-scenes perspective of what works in membership and subscription markets – and he has been doing it in virtually every market you can think of.

From photography and calligraphy to dog training, fitness, music, health, meal plans, teacher plans, non-profit, personal development, business development and so many more!

And through it all, Stu has discovered the subtle nuances that make a BIG difference in the success of the sites that thrive year over year versus those that struggle and stall.

Limited Time FREE Membership Workshop From Stu McLaren

During this FREE workshop series, you’ll discover the proven strategy to launch (or grow) a successful online membership site… even if you’re starting from scratch or have a brick-and-mortar store.

Part #1: The Membership Movement

Part #2: The Success Path™

Part #3: The Membership Blueprint

Part #1: The Membership Movement

Wondering if a membership will work for your business?

What if there’s already a TON of free content available in your niche?

There is SO much information available today. People are overwhelmed, and they just don’t have the time to sort through it all. It’s also sometimes hard to know which information is good info and which information is fluff… or just plain wrong. When you come along and cut through all the noise to give clear, actionable steps, people line up to pay for the simplicity, the ease, and the progress they’ll make when they get the RIGHT information at the RIGHT time.

But… Free content isn’t the only thing you need to pay attention to when assessing your market. There are two more BIG indicators of whether a market is going to be a slam-dunk for your membership, and Stu is going to share them in the first session of his free Workshop ….

Part #2: The Success Path™

The Surprising Reasons People Join and Keep Paying Month After Month (and it’s not what you think)

In the second part of the workshop, you’ll learn the most important elements to any membership site, the Success Path™. This is the foundation of your membership. You’ll also learn the four REAL reasons why people buy, and what hooks them to join and keep paying month after month.

Plus, Stu shares the #1 thing that EVERY GOOD MEMBERSHIP SITE MUST HAVE.

Part #3: The Membership Blueprint

Stu’s Proven Step-By-Step Blueprint For Starting (or growing) a Low Stress, Highly Profitable Membership

In the third and final part of the workshop, you’ll get Stu’s proven step-by-step Membership Blueprint for starting (or growing) a low stress, highly profitable membership site. 

It doesn’t have to take an overwhelming amount of time or money for you to start your profitable membership business – around what you already know, love, and do.

FREE Tools & PDFs From Stu

Free Download #1: The Membership Guide & Tips

Ready to tap into the collective brilliance of high 6 and 7-figure membership owners in all sorts of different markets?

Whether you’re a newbie – or you’re a seasoned membership pro – I guarantee you there is something in here for you. It’s totally jam-packed with juicy membership nuggets!

You’ll learn the exact strategies and tactics that 6 and 7-figure membership owners used to dramatically (and consistently) grow their business!

All It Takes Is One Idea, One Strategy, One Tactic, Or One Shift To Make A Massive Difference InYour Membership And Boost Your Bottom Line

Free Download #2: 101 Profitable Membership Niches

Getting started and nailing your idea for a membership can be a wee bit overwhelming – especially if you’re just starting out.
But, first things first, you need a niche. And instead of spending countless hours going down the rabbit holes of Google and ChatGPT to find yours, get going the easy way with this freebie.

Discover your membership niche and join the thousands of successful membership site owners who have turned their passions, know-how, and expertisevinto reliable recurring revenue!

What Is Stu Mclaren Membership Experience (formerly Tribe)?

The Membership Experience helps people transform their knowledge and influence into recurring revenue by launching, growing and scaling 6, 7, and 8-figure membership sites. Stu McLaren TRIBE will provide you a proven plan that works.  Regardless of the market, this plan will give them the clarity and direction they need to build a highly profitable and low stress membership site.

The content is backed by years of experience of best practises in hundreds of different markets.  And each year it gets better because it doesn’t just lean on Stu Mclaren insights… They are now tapping into the collective wisdom from our community.  This is helping them identify membership trends and strategies WAY before everyone else.  That’s why TRIBE works.  And that’s why people experience so much success.

The  course is targeted to:

A) Anyone who already has a membership site (but it’s not growing like it could be)
B) Anyone who is thinking about launching a membership
C) Anyone who has a following or expertise but isn’t monetizing it well.

For Whom Is The Membership Experience™ ?

here are the groups that this course will be especially relevant for:

  • Established experts Like Authors, speakers, bloggers, podcasters, coaches or consultants. TRIBE will help you continue sharing what you know, but in a more leveraged, profitable way.

  • Influencer who has an audience. Anyone who has built up a following either on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat) or has built an email list. The pain point is, they aren’t monetizing their influence well.  TRIBE will help them to continue serving that audience in a bigger way while getting paid handsomely to do it.

  • Existing membership site owners who already “get” the benefits of recurring revenue because they’re experiencing it on some scale.  But most membership site owners struggle after their initial launch to actually grow their sites year over year.  They hit a plateau and fight against poor retention (members usually only stay a few months).  TRIBE will give them a plan for to really grow and scale their membership into a thriving business.

  • Anyone wanting to start an online business.  If you have an idea of building an online business that contains recurring revenue, but you’re not an expert and are unsure how to proceed.  TRIBE will show you how to leverage other people’s knowledge and create a membership site that becomes their full-time venture.

What Do You Get In Stu McLaren Membership Experience Course?

You will get instant access to Membership Experience (Tribe) course with 6 modules of live coaching, there are even bonuses to help you launch your successful membership site. I will cover more extensively on these bonuses in the next section.

To clarify, let’s dig deep in the 6 training Modules…

Your Foundation Strategy

This is all about how to identify who you will serve, what they REALLY want, and how to best serve them with the right type of membership site.

Your Audience Strategy

This is your strategy for building and growing your audience and your email list. I’ll hand over my content creation secrets for producing a ton of high-value content for your platform, PLUS share with you the keys to creating the ultimate list builders that are proven to work time and time again.

Your Content Strategy

This is about you crafting content that is easy to deliver and compels people to buy. Stu will show you exactly how to structure your content so that your members rave about the progress they’re making with the things that they’re learning from you.

Your Marketing Strategy

This is your strategy for attracting new paying members. When it comes to marketing, there are a million things you can do. I’m going to cut through the clutter and share with you the few things that we do over and over again to add thousands of new members with every promotion.

Your Launch Strategy

In this module we get into the “how to” specifics of executing HIGHLY effective marketing campaigns.

Your Community Strategy

One thing I know for certain is that people come for the content, but stay for the community! This module is all about creating a thriving, engaged community that leads your members to more progress. And if you can build a strong, sticky community, your members will be happy and stay with you month after monnth!

Your Retention Strategy

This is your plan for keeping people happy and paying month after month. If you don’t have a plan for this, you’re in trouble.

If you aren’t intentional about designing a retention strategy, you will lose a lot of people each month – and therefore a lot of money. This is THE most valuable module if you want to maximize your revenue with memberships and subscriptions.

But, that’s not all…

Stu McLaren Membership Experience Bonus

Early Bird Bonus Expires April 15 at 11:59 PM PT
List Building Lab: Grow Your List On Autopilot With Facebook and Instagram

List Building Lab

Tap into one of the most under utilized Facebook and Instagram marketing strategies to grow your list like crazy! Led by Digital Marketing Expert, Cody Burch, you’ll learn how to generating leads on autopilot all year. *Live list building implementation workshops delivered after TME graduation.

This limited time bonus expires April 15 at 11:59 pm PT

BONUS #1: Founding Member Launch Scripts (Value $497)

The Founding Member Launch is one of the fastest and easiest ways to launch your membership site.

During this bonus, I will walk you through my proven strategy and provide you with my exact word-for-word email and social media scripts. In fact, there are SO many people in our community that covered their investment in The Membership Experience™ with just THIS bonus.

BONUS #2: Borrowed Influence (Value $497)

If you are in the early stages of growing your business, you’re probably hungry to gain momentum as quickly as possible – am I right?

But the thing that’s holding you back is that you may not currently have an audience that you feel can support a membership.

But here’s the thing.

It doesn’t take a massive audience to begin generating a healthy amount of recurring revenue from your membership.

In fact, people in Stu’s community are regularly launching successful memberships with just a few hundred people in their audience.

And in this bonus, you’ll learn exactly how to build massive momentum from a standing start.

And if you have an existing audience, you’re going to be able to leverage this same strategy to biggie size your audience in record time.

BONUS #3: 7-Figure Fill in the Blank Launch Script Templates (Value $997)

Tribe launch scripts

These are the EXACT templates Stu uses to craft world-class, 7-figure promotions.

The worst thing that can happen from a marketing standpoint is you have this amazing membership but you don’t know what to say when it comes to sharing it with the world.

When you join, you’ll get access to these tremendously valuable scripts that Stu has used over and over to craft winning, 7-figure launches.

And it’s ultra-easy. All you have to do is literally answer a few questions and fill in the blanks. When you’re finished, you have proven scripts.

You’ll know exactly what to say to position your membership so people will naturally be drawn into joining your membership.

BONUS #4: Grab & Go Email Template Super Pack (Value $497)

Email is the most important communication channel for online entrepreneurs like you and me. It’s how we share our promotions, serve our audience, and communicate with our members.

But, what do you say? And how should you say it? In this Email Template Super Pack, we’re handing over our email scripts for marketing, nurturing sequences, flash sales, onboarding, and more!

BONUS #5: Membership Sales Page Toolkit (Value $497)

These are the exact tools and resources that I use to create a gorgeous sales page that converts! Complete with swipe copy and design templates, you’ll be able to quickly whip up a sales page that not only stands out but one that will have visitors saying “just take my money already!”

BONUS #6: Membership Launch Blueprints (Value $497)

With these step-by-step launch blueprints, you’ll have the tools and know-how to launch, grow, and scale your membership — whether you choose to do a super simple launch or a whizbang launch. This is a launch buffet.

All you have to do is pick and choose the right elements that are best suited for you and your membership and create a blueprint that gets results!

Bonus #7: The Membership Experience™ Live Virtual Event (Value$497)

tribe live

This is not your “average” online seminar. This “can’t miss” experience will deepen your learnings from The Membership Experience™ and help you get results even faster. Not only will you learn from me live, you’ll also hear from your fellow community members who are out there getting crazy results, and you’ll see firsthand what’s working!
As part of The Membership Experience™ this year, you will receive one general admission virtual event ticket.

TME Support & Discussion Group (Value$497)

Our Facebook group is the best darn community around! Join hundreds and hundreds of people (just like you) who are making HUGE steps in their membership journey. Regardless of where you are in your business, you’ll find amazing people to connect, learn and grow with.

Also you will get Support from Stu McLaren on a daily basis through live 10 in 10s and during live office hours every week as the course modules are released.

So Let’s Recap

Here’s What You Get With The Membership Experience™ 


Stu Mclaren Membership Experience Cost

The Membership Experience comes with 2 enrollment options:

  • One payment of $2497. (Instant Discount Of $365)
  • 6 payments of $477.

There is ZERO risk for you.
Here’s why…


14-Day, “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee

We believe this is without a doubt the best training you can get your hands on regarding membership sites…

However, if for any reason at all, or for no reason at all, if you aren’t satisfied with out program…you have a full 14 days, to email us and receive a 100% Money Back no questions asked

My Stu McLaren Membership Experience™ Review (IS IT FOR YOU?)

To sum everything up about the Stu Tribe system and the benefits of your membership, let’s recap on some critical points…

Stu McLaren’s Membership experience is your golden ticket to have more financial stability and freedom doing what you love.

Remember, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity 

and you’ve got everything to gain, nothing to lose and 

it could change your life forever…


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