Kibo Eclipse Review & Bonus – Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton System (2022)

Kibo Eclipse Review

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Kibo Eclipse (All-Details)

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Limited Time FREE Kibo Eclipse Workshop From Aidan & Steve

Part #1: The Breakthrough 3-Step System

Steve and Aidan have just released a fascinating video (and free book) that lays out a 3-Step eCommerce system that they’ve used to make millions of dollars online. This system has become dramatically more powerful over the past 12 months (for reasons that you’ll discover in the book) and the best news is that it is something that literally anyone can copy.

Part #2: [BLUEPRINT] How to scale to $10K/week in PROFIT 

I’ve got something EXTREMELY exciting lined up for you today; a downloadable Blueprint graphic that reveals in crystal-clear detail how to build an E-commerce business from ZERO to as much as $10,000/week PROFIT (and beyond) if you take action, put the effort in and carefully follow the steps…

Part #3: Students Success Stories

This part runs through a number of student success stories (students who are making thousands of dollars per DAY) with results, proof, Q&A and more. Plus, we’ll include a selection of examples products that have the potential to generate $500+/day in sales.


Who are Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton?

Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton

Steve has been running online businesses for over 17 years since leaving his corporate job in 2003. He quickly saw success with affiliate marketing and built a digital business that started to make more than $50K each month. Steve Clayton then expanded to eCommerce and built a 7-figure revenue stream, which is still at the core of our business today.

For Aidan Booth, he started in 2006 with the idea of building a small income stream that would allow him to be geographically independent. He set up his first internet marketing site. He moved his focus from affiliate sites with paid traffic to a mixture of eCommerce sites and affiliate sites. These sites leveraged Google traffic (via top rankings) and a mixture of different paid traffic sources. 

Steven Clayton partnered with Aidan Booth in 2013. Now, they have multiple ventures that collectively generate 8-figures each year and have a team of over 60 employees who are based in the USA and all across the globe.

What is The Kibo Eclipse?

The Kibo Eclipse System is a training program over an 8-Week period that shows you how to make money using a very unique style of eCommerce that Adian & Steven have made MILLIONS of dollars with over the past couple of years completely “under the radar”.

What sets this apart from other eCommerce methods is that this is MUCH faster and easier for people to implement. Even if you have no previous experience or you are a newbie.

With this method, here’s what you DON’T need:

These stores make BILLIONS of dollars every year selling literally every single type of product you can possibly imagine. Everything from Towels, to TV’s to Trenchcoats to Tamagochi’s…

They fill their store up with products and see what sells. Put the best-selling products in more visible places to their (foot) traffic and remove what does not sell. Then continue to add new products, remove, replace and optimize others, in order to maximize their conversions and increase their profits.

The big focus here is on PRODUCTS, NOT NICHES – and with this method, you can potentially reach a $2K per day run rate with just 3 products!

We do exactly the same – but the difference is that we do it online.

Kibo Eclipse System Is A Fully Automated 3-step Process

Kibo Code System

The core process is very simple, only involves 3 main steps…

Like we explained earlier, we don’t search for products based on niche… we search based on what will MAKE PROFIT. Now, if you’ve done product research before, you’ll know that there are many ways of identifying products that have the potential to make money. And I’m sure you’ll also know that actually finding winners isn’t quite as easy as it sounds!

But this is something you WON’T need to worry about, as we have a HUGE breakthrough technology you can take advantage of which makes finding winning products fast, simple, and VERY effective. Then, load up and activate your products in your super-optimized webstore with one click.

another big breakthrough we’ve had recently is discovering a series of NEW sources of traffic that are FREE, targeted and very easy to take advantage of. This is about taking your products and putting them on the “Facebook Marketplace”, in front of people who are looking to buy them right at that very moment. In fact, this entirely new approach is a way of getting FREE TRAFFIC and SALES from an active group of…

Here’s how it works…

You open the Facebook Marketplace and use our special software to list your 10 chosen products in 3 minutes flat (WITHOUT having to do any image work, ad copy or product descriptions)

…and when you get a “bite” and someone requests more information about the product you are selling, you simply send them an “automated” message with a link to the product on the webstore you’ve set up – and they can then go ahead and buy it.

You do this by taking your winning products from the Facebook Marketplace…. and adding them to Walmart along with additional mega-marketplaces like Google and Microsoft Shopping.

You ALREADY know these products convert… you are simply putting them in front of thousands more people to dramatically increase your sales and profits. The good news is that the fulfillment process is very hands-off and DOES NOT require you to see or handle any of the products you’ve sold – EVER. So at this point, if you follow the process, you are successfully selling your initial products and making money…

What Do You Get In Kibo Eclipse 2022?

Kibo Incubator

Kibo Incubator

The Core 8 Week Training Program

The first component of Kibo Eclipse is the Incubator which contains the core 8-week training program that’ll show you how to build your new eCommerce empire in record time.

The actual value of what you will receive here is huge and we could spend hours going through everything that’s included. This is literally just scratching the surface of what you will receive within the Kibo Code Incubator… The training you’ll receive will be truly exhaustive — and just so you know…

All the training will be delivered directly by us, along with our team of experts, some of whom do tens of thousands per month in PROFIT using this model of eCommerce.

Kibo JumpStart

Kibo JumpStart

weekly Live Workshop Sessions with Q&A

Kibo JumpStart is a series of ultra-comprehensive live weekly training sessions with Aidan and Steve and the in-house eCommerce experts. We’re going to be holding these sessions MULTIPLE times each week to begin with, so you can hit the ground running and give you the best chance of making money as soon as possible.

These sessions will be held on Zoom so you can listen in and interact (if you want to) no matter where you are in the world… and we will also be posting the recordings in the members area after the sessions have finished.

Basically, you are going to be getting a massive head start by taking advantage of our experience, expertise, and infrastructure with the EXACT same systems and techniques that WE use to generate tens of thousands of dollars on a daily basis in our own business.

Kibo HQ

Kibo HQ

Mission Control For Your eCom Empire

Like we have already discussed, Kibo HQ is your one-stop operations hub’ that’ll allow you to build, manage and scale your business with machine-like precision. Essentially we’re going to be giving you exclusive access to the infrastructure we’ve built over the past 12 months in kibo code quantum that’ll enable you to accelerate your business and the speed in which it starts making money.

In summary, Kibo HQ will give you a massive head start by allowing you to taking advantage of our experience, expertise and infrastructure with the EXACT same processes that WE use ourselves.

Kibo Oracle

Kibo Oracle

Secret Software To Identify Winning Products In Seconds

Again, we have talked about this a little already… but as a quick reminder, Kibo Oracle is a highly advanced software suite that allows you to access MILLIONS of products instantly and filter them down to the most profitable opportunities. Essentially, it will allow you to analyze thousands of products in a matter of seconds saving literally hours, if not days of laborious research.

Obviously this is MASSIVELY valuable, as it will take all the boring, time-consuming and frankly risky product research out of the equation…and will save you days or even WEEKS of research.

Kibo Converters​

Kibo Converters

Kibo Converters

Conversion Tools & Software To Skyrocket Your Profits

Again, we talked about this a moment ago… but to briefly summarize, the Kibo Converters are a collection of smart software tools that will help convert visitors into buyers.

As a Kibo Code Eclipse member, you will get access to a vast array of conversion tools. However, there is only one we can talk about on this public-facing page… KIBO Bot. After using the Kibo Converter tools, you’ll realize just how easy getting traffic, customers, and cash can really be if you get motivated, get started and take action.

Kibo Socializer

Kibo Socializer

Identify and Tap Into Pockets Of Viral Social Traffic

A key focus of Kibo ECLIPSE is to make the system as hands-free for you as possible and one of the ways you’re going to achieve this is with an additional selection of “smart” software tools. These tools have been specifically designed to shortcut your path to success, save you time and make you money faster.

Essentially, Kibo Socializer, along with the other tools you’ll get access to have been specifically designed to boost your sales and profits.. and accelerate the speed in which you can succeed with this business model. They have all been tried, tested and proven.

Kibo Accelerators

Kibo Accelerators

Scaling & Traffic Secrets To Help Propel Your Business Forward

This section of Kibo Eclipse is focused on one thing…Scaling your business with additional traffic and marketing strategies. Scaling up can sometimes be tricky but we’re going to hand you our fool-proof plan that’ll allow you to reel in unlimited amounts of customers without any of the headaches that you’ve experienced before.

By the end of this section of the training, you’ll realize just how easy getting traffic, customers, and cash can really be if you get motivated, get started, and take action.

Kibo MentorPoint

Kibo MentorPoint

Multiple Avenues Of Unlimited Support And Coaching

As students who have taken our past training courses (Kibo Code & Kibo Code Quantum) will attest to, our support system is categorically the best in the business and we provide unending help to everyone who joins.

This time around will be no exception. Kibo MentorPoint is an exclusive support system where you’ll get assistance and help from our dedicated team along with fellow Kibo members. Essentially what we are doing here is providing multiple avenues of support and assistance so you can ask questions and get support with any Kibo Code Complaints even if it’s 2 am in the morning.

Remember — over the past 10 years we have literally helped thousands of people build successful online businesses, and we can help solve ANY problems you have.

Here is the summary of what you get in The Kibo Eclipse 2022

But that’s not all; If you decide to join us today we’ll also hand you…

3 Exclusive Kibo Eclipse Bonuses

Kibo code scam
Kibo Eclipse Bonus
Kibo Eclipse Scam

The Kibo Eclipse price

This priceless system with bonuses worth is over $65,000+. But, Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton are going to allow you to literally steal this from them for just $3497. Furthermore, you have 2 enrollment options

  1. One Payment of $3497 (instant discount of $491).
  2. 4 Payments of $997.

There is ZERO risk for you.

Here’s why…

Is Kibo Eclipse Scam

30-Day, “no questions asked” Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in this program that we flat-out challenge you to use The Kibo Eclipse system, complete the workshop trainings, go through the step-by-step videos, all the manuals, use the tools we’ll provide, tune in for the live shows and connect the dots with a few simple actions….

…and if you aren’t seeing amazing results within 30 days, we don’t want your money. You only have one opportunity to make your decision and if you tell us within the next 30 days that you are not TOTALLY convinced by the income pulling power of this revolutionary system, we’ll swiftly refund every penny of your small investment – no questions asked.

My Kibo Eclipse Review (IS IT FOR YOU?)

To sum everything up about the Kibo Eclipse and the benefits of your membership, let’s recap on some critical points…

Remember, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity

and you’ve got everything to gain, nothing to lose and

it could change your life FOREVER…

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