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Audio Domination

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The #1 System For Leveraging The Power Of Social Audio To Generate Revenue, Leads, and Visibility

IMPORTANT and URGENT: This will be your LAST CHANCE to take advantage of what could be a truly life-changing opportunity.  If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should take advantage of this, then I highly recommend you to Reserve Your Free Seat For The Social Audio Livestream Now!


Curious How You Can Convert Clubhouse Into CA$H??
These SOCIAL AUDIO ALL-STARS Have Mastered How To Generate Visibility, Leads & REVENUE At The Speed Of Their Voice…

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Who Is Steve Olsher?

Steve Olsher

Steve Olsher is known as the world’s foremost reinvention expert. Famous for helping individuals and corporations become exceptionally clear on their WHAT – that is, the ONE thing they were created to do – his practical, no-holds-barred approach to life and business propels his clients towards achieving massive profitability while also cultivating a life of purpose, conviction, and contribution.

A 30+ year entrepreneur, Steve is the Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Podcast Magazine, original Chairman & Founder of, online pioneer who launched on CompuServe’s Electronic Mall in 1993.

Steve is New York Times bestselling author of What Is Your WHAT? Discover The ONE Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do, real estate developer, creator of The New Media Summit, host of the #1 rated podcasts Reinvention Radio and Beyond 8 Figures, international keynote speaker, and an in-demand media guest who has appeared on CNN, The Huffington Post, the cover of Foundr Magazine and countless other media outlets.

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Podcast magazine is the preeminent podcast publication focused on taking readers ‘beyond the microphone’ and into the lives of today’s leading podcasters and behind the scenes of the shows fans love.

Podcast Magazine – the preeminent publication dedicated to covering Podcasts, Podcast Culture and the Podcasters fans can’t get enough of.

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Ultimate Directory of Podcasters

The 2021 Ultimate Directory of Podcasters Contains Detailed Contact Information For HUNDREDS Of Today’s Leading Podcasters…
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How Ordinary People Are Making EXTRAORDINARY MONEY Leveraging The Power Of THIS Emerging Audio Platform.

This FREE Ebook Will Show You How to Network With Influential People, Land Time On The BIGGEST Stages (Podcasts & Clubhouse Rooms) & Cultivate REAL Relationships With Amazing People From Across The Globe

What Is Audio Domination From Steve Olsher?

AUDIO DOMINATION™ is a repeatable, easy-to-use system, and I will personally teach YOU how to implement it during 6 weeks of LIVE training together. These are the little known methods that top gurus… highly ranked experts… and “Icons of Influence” use to grow their authority and their bottom line predictably, safely, and profitably WITHOUT wasteful spending on costly and inefficient marketing softwares.

Best of all, these methods aren’t subject to a sudden shift in technology (like we’ve seen with the emergence of social audio), a run up of online ad prices, Google’s arbitrary algorithm shifts or ANY unforeseen platform policy changes.

This system is loaded with TIMELESS strategies & tactics that can readily be adapted to changing consumer trends!

What Do You Get In Audio Domination Program?

Audio Domination Modules

MODULE 1: Identifying Your Biggest Opportunity

Growing an online business that generates 7-figures+ in revenue year after year has been the direct result of intentional focus. Understanding exactly which initiatives to pursue and which shiny objects to avoid has spelled the key difference between struggling to generate leads and revenue and being inundated with our perfect clients wanting to work with us.

As the author of the New York Times bestselling book, What Is Your WHAT? Discover The ONE Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do, few are as qualified as Steve to teach you how to identify how you are naturally wired to excel and where your BIGGEST opportunity lies. To dominate in the landscape of audio, you need clarity on your Topic of Influence, the conversation you most want to be part of and where you should concentrate your efforts. 

MODULE 2: The New Audio Landscape

Dominating the world of audio requires a clear understanding of the rapidly-evolving audio landscape. As the publisher of Podcast Magazine®, creator of the largest podcast-specific Club on Clubhouse, ClubPod™, and a podcaster since 2009 when he released the first episode of Reinvention Radio, Steve understands the world of podcasting and social audio like no other.

In this module, he will cover the world of Podcasting 2.0, including the new opportunity Social Audio offers. From Clubhouse and Fireside to new and emerging podcast platforms, you’ll gain the knowledge required and the confidence needed to select your perfect channel as well as the equipment you’ll need to sound amazing on it. 

MODULE 3: Landing Coveted Podcast Appearances & Social Audio Stages

Appearing on just one of the world’s leading podcasts or social audio stages has the potential for massively changing your life and your business. Now, imagine being able to land these coveted appearances at will. 

Securing your place in the spotlight on podcasts and social audio stages requires a specific strategy—a strategy that Steve has leveraged over the past 10 years to land over 500 podcast appearances and, more recently, many of the largest Clubhouse stages. Steve will dissect this now perfected process and lay out with you a concrete, step-by-step game plan for you to achieve similar success.  

MODULE 4: The $1,000 Funnel – Turning Visibility Into CA$H 

Appearing on coveted stages reflects merely step one on the Audio Domination™ Profit Path and the beginning stage of turning EVERY visibility opportunity into leads and revenue. Understanding precisely what to do, and having the proper system in place to convert the visibility these stages offer into red-hot leads and cash in your pocket, is paramount to your Podcasting 2.0 success. 

Steve will share one of his favorite (and proven) strategies for shifting passive listeners into active leads and customers—a strategy that consistently generates $1,000 (or more!) from every appearance.  

MODULE 5: The Business Of Podcasting 2.0

Few podcasters and social audio creators will generate the downloads, or attendance, required to secure enough revenue from sponsors and advertisers to cover their monthly expenses, let alone earn a meaningful living from their efforts. However, every creator has the ability to leverage the Business Of Podcasting 2.0 to create the life and business they’ve dreamt of. 

In this incredibly in-depth module, Steve will pull back the curtain to reveal the 7 core initiatives that fuel our 7-figure+ business and walk you step-by-step through the exact processes of each that you can model to achieve extraordinary results. 

MODULE 6: Creating Your Own Stages

The final step on the Audio Domination™ Profit Path is having the ability to release your own podcast episodes to a waiting, loyal, borderline fanatic audience, and opening your own well-attended, highly-engaged social audio rooms. Imagine how your business would transform if everytime you time you spoke about what puts fire in your soul you had the ability to generate income and impact… at the speed of your voice.

When you leverage, and implement, the Audio Domination system this is precisely what will be made possible for you. Steve will take you step-by-step through his proven process and teach you not only how to increase your podcast listenership and secure more ratings and reviews but, also, how to build a meaningful social audio following and niche-defining Club.

But That’s Not All

Fast Action Audio Domination Bonus (TODAY ONLY)

Steve Olsher’s Closing From The Stage (VALUE: $2,997)

Closing From Stage

If you’ve ever struggled to enroll ideal prospects into relevant products, programs and services from either virtual or physical stages (or even phone conversations!), Steve’s 9-module, incredibly in-depth digital course will teach you the secrets of the top 0.001% of today’s leading stage closers. 

Featuring sit downs with Lisa Sasevich, Mike Koenigs, Mr. X (the man who is personally responsible for selling over $100,000,000 from the stage) plus many others, you’ll learn seldom-shared strategies for turning in-person or virtual stage appearances (and phone calls!) into boatloads of new clients and cold hard CA$H.

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