Webinar Sales Machine By Anthony Morrison Review (2022)

Webinar Sales Machine

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Who Is Anthony Morrison?

Anthony Morrison

Since launching his first business in 2005 when he was just twenty-one, Anthony Morrison’s career has expanded exponentially. A self-taught Internet mogul, Morrison devised a one-man business operation while attending college full-time. The success of that venture saved his family’s fortunes, and from there Morrison proceeded to devise a systematic approach to entrepreneurial success and used it to develop another eleven companies, all of which have been highly profitable.

Raised along with his brother and sister in Mississippi by Roger and Sheila Morrison, Anthony grew up in a family that encouraged intellectual curiosity, empathy for others, and healthy self-esteem. 

The year 2008 saw Anthony expanding into the world of publishing with his first book, The Hidden Millionaire: Twelve Principles to Uncovering the Entrepreneur in You. Part memoir, part inspirational tale, and part instructional tome, The Hidden Millionaire brings Anthony Morrison’s template for success to an entirely new audience. 

Today, Anthony Morrison travels the country sharing his story and teaching his skills to budding entrepreneurs by speaking at large events. He also hosts a weekly webinar training for his students called “The Success Connection” which reaches thousands of people every week with a message focused on positivity and marketing strategies to help create more success for his students.

What Is The Webinar Sales Machine?

Webinar Sales Machine

Webinar Sales Machine gives you instant access to everything you need to build and launch your Webinar Sales Machine and increase your auto-webinar conversions!

From step-by-step training to Anthony’s highest converting TEMPLATES that you can use for your own business, to software access… You’ll have all the training, strategies, and resources you need to create your own Webinar Sales Machine!

The #1 area that people need to focus on if they want to make more money online is SALES. And we found that the #1 way to generate SALES online is through LIVE webinars.

The problem with that is,

When you run LIVE webinars, you end up trading a LOT of your time for sales. So we realized that we needed to find a solution that still allowed us to leverage the #1 way to make sales on the internet…without giving up all of our time.

That’s why we created Webinar Fuel (and ultimately the Webinar Sales Machine process)!

What Do You Get?

Webinar Sales Machine LIVE Masterclass

This is a 6 week guided program, where you’ll have the option to meet for your training 3X per week LIVE!

First, you’ll choose which PATH you want to take for your business – 1) Product Owner/Coach VS. 2) Affiliate.

Then, depending on which path you take, you’ll meet up for TWO path-specific LIVE trainings each week, PLUS a special LIVE Q&A to ask questions about what you’ve learned!

(And yes – you can show up for BOTH training paths if you want!)

But we suggest that you pick ONE path to start with for the initial 6 weeks, and follow it all the way through, so you have a complete Webinar Sales Machine built!

WSM Launch Framework

This is where I walk you through the different phases of the webinar framework,, step-by-step! If your webinar doesn’t work, NOTHING in your campaign will work, so we spend a lot of time on this!

I’ll literally go through, and explain ALL of the details on creating your Webinar Sales Machine…with specific strategies to help you know your audience, your value, your time, and MORE!

My Best Converting Webinar Page Framework

I’m going to give you the EXACT registration page that I use most-often (because nothing that I try has been able to BEAT this page)! It works better than anything else I’ve used!

My Professional Designer has cloned this page for you, so it’s 99% already done FOR YOU!

All you have to do is add in your own personal information, and your high-converting Registration Page is ready to collect webinar registrants!

Webinar Formula Course & Program

Webinar Formula is a course that I released to my students showing people how to crush it with webinar presentations.

You’ll learn some of my secrets to closing more full pays, creating more urgency, increasing your show rates and ultimately having far more successful webinar promotions.

Done For You Affiliate WSM's

If you’re looking to jump right in and start benefiting from profitable Webinar Sales Machines, but you don’t have your own product – don’t worry!

We’ve got some of the best-converting webinar (Russell Brunson for example) built and ready for you to launch with just a couple of clicks you’ll have your own affiliate Webinar Sales Machine live!

7 Top Affiliate Offers You Can Build A WSM Around

Want to become an affiliate, and promote other people’s products? A major key to success is finding the RIGHT offers to promote.

Not all Affiliate Offers are created equal…

With many YEARS of experience as an affiliate, I’ve learned what to look for in an offer that I promote.

So I’m giving you my 7 TOP Affiliate Offers that you can build a Webinar Sales Machine around, (along with a detailed explanation of how to do that, start to finish).

WSM Private FB Community

Inside this exclusive FB group, you’ll be able to connect with others like you who are building their Webinar Sales Machines for their business!

You’ll be able to progress along your journey together, ask questions, network, get support and ideas, and help each other as you build out your WSM!

Virtual “Weekend Event” Sales Framework

A GREAT way to sell your offers (especially mid-price or higher price-point offers) is through a “weekend virtual event”. This gives you the TIME you need during your presentations to build incredible VALUE for your offer.

I’m going to show you how to put on a “Weekend Event”, which is different from a webinar. You’ll learn how to:

• Get a BIG audience to a 2-day event (even if you don’t have a huge list

• Teach your attendees, so they come away with amazing wins!

• Bring in other speakers and experts in their niche

• SELL your product during your 2-day event in a way that gets your audience excited!

You’ll get my entire framework for how to run the full weekend virtual event, so you can get more paying customers, and put on an event that WOWs them so much, they can’t wait for your next product!

WebinarFuel Software (2 Months FREE)

This software is the MAGIC behind getting the Webinar Sales Machine you build to automatically CONVERT better than your existing auto-webinar!

There are several different marketing levers that you can pull to increase your conversions on your auto-webinar (without even having to edit your presentation)…and many of those ‘hacks’ can ONLY be found inside WebinarFuel! With WebinarFuel, you can:

• Make your webinar feel more like a live environment!

• Be in complete control of the playback experience you choose!

• Split test browser playback versus app playback to get REAL data behind which converts better for your webinar!

• Capture leads and increase sign-up by stepping the registrant through with micro steps

• Create survey’s or any other custom fields during the registration process

• Get a Better user experience, stick-through rate and watch time

And MUCH More!!!

Done-For-You “We’ll Build Your Webinar Sales Machine FOR YOU Inside WebinarFuel!”

That’s right! You don’t even have to plug your WSM into WebinarFuel software…because we’re going to handle all of that FOR YOU!

Inside WebinarFuel, there will be a form to fill out, where you can supply us with all of your WSM assets (your presentation, your emails, etc…).

Once we have your Webinar Sales Machine assets collected through the form, you just sit back, and let us handle adding your WSM to WebinarFuel! This is a HUGE time-saver for you – time that you can now spend on other important areas of your business!

But, that’s not all…

Webinar Sales Machine Bonus

BONUS #1: Advance Media Buy Training With Anthony's Internal Team

Once you get your Webinar Sales Machine, the next thing you’ll want is TRAFFIC.

My media buying team is spending $20,000 PER DAY on advertising for me…so they KNOW better than almost anyone how to make the very most of advertising dollars!

I’m hooking you up with an exclusive training from my very own Traffic Team (the same geniuses that work to bring me traffic every day)… and they’ll teach you how to generate traffic for your business…and the strategies WE use to generate traffic as well!

BONUS #2: My TOP 5 Registration Pages That Work In ANY Niche!

Want to skip the “testing” process and use my very BEST Registration page?

I took my TOP performing Registration Page, and had my professional designer create 4 additional variations – so that you have 5 high-converting registration pages that are READY TO GO!

All you have to do is add in your own images and information! This takes 98% of the time and hassle away from you, so that you can get your reg page up and running in just minutes.

BONUS #3: NEW Widget Pack! (With DFY Widgets!)

There are several different ways you can go about getting someone registered for your webinar.

We’ve taken the very BEST ways (the ways that convert the highest!), and make it simple for you to add with our Done-For-You Registration Widget Pack!

From bouncing registration buttons, to pre-engineered opt-in elements, we’ve created SEVERAL options of registration layouts FOR YOU, so all you have to do is choose which style you want, and add it in!

BONUS #4: 2 Tickets To WSM Live!

This is the #1 event for ANYONE looking to build their business using webinars and virtual events.

We’ll have some of the most successful people in the space giving you tips and strategies that have helped them scale from 7 figures to 8 figures and more!

There’s no event better than this one if you’re looking to master selling through webinars!

ACT NOW, And Take Advantage Of These FAST-ACTION BONUSES!

Webinar REVIEW By Anthony (First 10 People To Sign Up)

Want to have Anthony personally look over your Webinar Sales Machine, and give you his feedback?

What if just one or two comments made the difference in your WSM potentially converting HIGHER, and generating more money?

For the first 10 people to sign up for Webinar Sales Machine today, I’m going to let them submit your webinars to me when they are complete.

I will watch them all the way through, do a FULL review, and take detailed notes with all of my feedback!

(Next 30 Buyers) Someone from my team will review your webinar!


“$100K Business INTENSIVE - 1:1 With Anthony!”

Once you’ve reached $100,000 in sales with your webinar (tracked inside WebinarFuel), you’ll have the opportunity to do a 3-hour 1:1 INTENSIVE with me!

We’ll sit down together, and I’ll take a detailed look at your Webinar Sales Machine, and give you tips and ideas, and any opportunities I can see to help you get your business from $100,000 to 7-figures!

This 3-hour deep-dive meeting with me can be either virtual, or you can fly to my office, and we’ll go over everything in person. It’s up to you!

Here’s A Recap Of EVERYTHING You’ll Get Access To When You Join…

Webinar Sales Machine Review


Webinar Sales Machine Cost

Webinar Sales Machine comes with 2 enrollment options:

  • One payment of $1997. (Instant Discount Of $385)
  • 6 payments of $397.

There is ZERO risk for you.
Here’s why…


If you build your WSM and follow all instructions and aren’t able to make $2,000 in your first 12 months in our program we will refund your entire enrollment fee.

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