“Plan It Build It” By Stu McLaren & Searchie (2023)

Stu McLaren Searchie

Stu McLaren (the founder of Searchie) is about to launch his brand new training program, Plan It Build It.

A business built around your knowledge and expertise is the NEW WAY to do business. And with the online education market exploding, there’s never been a better time to share your wisdom and generate revenue. That’s why I’m excited to share that Searchie just opened the registration to their brand new training program, Plan It Build It.

It’s a specially designed get-it-done package to help you create an AMAZING DIGITAL PRODUCT (courses, memberships, coaching programs, etc.)… and finally get your paid content out into the world!

>> You Can Find The Official Website Here


This will be your LAST CHANCE to take advantage of what could be a truly life-changing opportunity. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should take advantage of this, then I highly recommend you to Join Membership Expert Stu McLaren as he shares the top course and membership trends you can’t ignore!



Who Is Stu McLaren?

Since 2008, Stu McLaren has been working intimately with tens of thousands of authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, and business owners to transform what they already know, love, and do into recurring revenue by launching, growing, and scaling 6, 7, and 8-figure membership businesses.

As the former founder of the world’s #1 membership platform for WordPress, WishList Member, he had the chance to serve and support over 60,000+ online communities and membership sites. Through that experience, he gained a unique insight into the subtle membership nuances that produce massive results.

Today Stu uses that knowledge to help his clients launch and grow high-revenue membership sites. He also coaches and consults New York Times best-selling authors, top-rated speakers, experts, and niche celebrities on how to launch, grow and scale high-profit recurring revenue streams.

His goal is to give to his charity the bulk of the revenues that come into his business.

What Is Searchie?

Searchie is the most flexible, easy-to-use web-based software solution to create, organize, and share your content so that you and your audience get the most of it. Create a beautiful content experience for your course, membership, or coaching program that’s more accessible and easier to consume without ever coding or needing an expensive developer.

Because every successful online course, membership, or coaching program begins with video. Searchie is the fastest way to manage, package and share your video content so that your team and customers get better results.

What Is Plan It Build It Program?

Plan It Build It is the ultimate get-it-done training and implementation package designed to help you create an AMAZING experience for your course, membership, or coaching program… and move you across the finish line of getting your digital product up and ready to go.

We’ve broken this package down into two actionable phases — Plan It and Build It — to help you get your online course, membership, or coaching program up and running in just a few days, while uplevelling the experience for your clients and customers.

Part 1 – Plan It

Hosted by Membership Expert Stu McLaren you’ll learn a proven framework for creating a rock-solid foundation for your digital course, membership site, or online coaching program, and finally put your ideas into action.

You’ll learn the foundational components that every successful online entrepreneur must have. You’ll learn how to…

  • Nail Your Niche
  • Define Your Target Audience
  • Getting Clear On Your Big Idea 
  • Pick A Digital Product Type
  • Quickly Validate Your Idea
  • Name Your Digital Product
  • Price Your Digital Product
  • Pick A Content Strategy
  • How To Structure & Organize Your Content
  • How To Deliver Your Content 

Part 2 – Build It

You’ll learn how to create a tailored content experience for your digital product and save a ton of time and resources for your business. This is where the magic happens! You’ll get a step-by-step demonstration from the Searchie Team on how to organize your content and build out your course, membership, or coaching program.

And the goal is simple… your member area will be up and running in just a few days. No Coding. No Developers. Just Easy To Create And Build.

But that is not all

Plan It Build It Is Loaded With Bonuses

BONUS 1: Part 3 – Sell It: How To Craft A No-Brainer Offer & The Founding Member Launch Strategy ($497 Value)

Ever wonder how to create a no-brainer offer so that your audience is pulling out their credit cards without hesitation to buy NOW? We’ll show you exactly how, plus one of the fastest and easiest ways to launch your course, membership, or coaching program even if you don’t have everything done yet. It’s called the Founding Member Launch Strategy, AND we’re going to hand over the word-for-word email and social media scripts so that you can get started in minutes.

BONUS 2: Borrowed Influence ($297 Value)

Every entrepreneur should be building an audience and growing an email list year round. And in this bonus, you’ll learn the exact process for growing your audience FAST. Plus, we provide you with all the templates and resources to make it even easier to get incredible results!

BONUS 3: The 5-Part Framework For Teaching Anything ($197 Value)

How do you teach your content in a way that’s both highly engaging and packed full of value? What should you say? And how should you structure it on video? That’s exactly what you’ll learn in this five-part framework for teaching ANYTHING! You’ll be more confident teaching, AND your audience will be making more progress with what you’re sharing… #DoubleWin

BONUS 4: Content Creation Secrets That Keep Your Audience Coming Back For More with Amy Porterfield (Priceless)

From creating your platform content to your content for your paid program, this training by Amy Porterfield is guaranteed to get you thinking about your content in new and exciting ways.

BONUS 5: How To Make An Offer That You Love Making with Jeff Walker (Priceless)

Jeff Walker is the creator of the Product Launch Formula, and in this training, he shows you the steps to create an offer that not only makes a whole bunch of sales but an offer that you can feel good about making.

BONUS 6: Live Office Hours with the Searchie Team ($497 Value)

During Part 2: Build It, the Searchie Team will be available to help keep you moving forward. These on-call sessions and live office hours are available to eliminate any blocks and show how to maximize the Searchie platform for your digital business. This is all about SPEED and PROGRESS!

BONUS 7: Plan It Build It Pop-Up Community ($497 Value)

Think of it as your one-stop shop to stay connected with our team, as well as your newly founded community! This space is provided for you to be able to chat, connect, and ask questions.

BONUS 8: 3 Months of Searchie Pro ($297 Value)

Searchie is the most flexible, easy-to-use solution to create, organize, and share your content. Create a beautiful content experience for your course, membership, or coaching program that’s more accessible and easier to consume without ever coding or needing an expensive developer.

Plan It Build It Price

This priceless system with the bonuses worth is $4,276+. But, Stu McLaren & Searchie team are going to allow you to literally steal this from them for just $99

But if that wasn’t enough, we even have a…

14-Day, “no questions asked” Money Back Guarantee

Having been through this experience with hundreds and hundreds of students, we’re confident that Plan It Build It works! But if you’re not happy with the program or you’re getting the feeling that Plan It Build It isn’t right for you, then you can take advantage of our 14-day money-back guarantee. All you have to do is reach out to support team within 14 days of purchase, and we’ll give you your money back.

So let’s recap. If you’re ready to turn your knowledge and know-how into a profitable online course, membership, or coaching program, then here’s what you’ll get:

Plan It Build It By Stu McLaren

Remember, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity

and you’ve got everything to gain, nothing to lose and

it could change your life forever…

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