Pete Vargas Method: Stage To Scale Review 

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Who Is Pete Vargas?

Pete Vargas Stage To Scale

Pete Vargas is the founder and CEO of Advance Your Reach which helps people grow their businesses and spread their message through stages.  In other words, Advance Your Reach mission is to impact 1 billion people across 9 sectors of influence over the next 10 years.

PETE VARGAS is a master at teaching people how to grow their businesses with stages. Since 2003, Pete and his team have booked over 25,000 stages worldwide–and generated tens of millions of dollars of revenue through those stages. In 2016, he founded Advance Your Reach – and walking his talk, has used stages to grow to over $10 million in 3 years, hitting the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in USA for the first time in 2019.

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Here’s a detailed layout of the #WHYSTAGES Workshop

Lesson #1: The Power of Stages

In Training 1 of the Workshop, Pete reveals the tremendous power that stages can have on your business, and you’ll also learn:


In lesson 2, Pete introduces his secret weapon, Pat Quinn, and they’ll be breaking down:

Lesson #3: The 8 Ways to “Scale” any Stage

In Training 3 of your Why Stages Workshop, You will learn HOW TO GENERATE 5…6…OR EVEN 7 FIGURES IN ONE HOUR, PLUS 8 Ways to “Scale” any Stage to Generate REVENUE & make an IMPACT.

Right now, you’ll get access to:

What is Stage To Scale Method?

Pete Vargas’ Stage to Scale Method is a detailed step-by-step Program by Peter Vargas (the founder of Advance Your Reach). It’s designed to help you grow your business and boost your revenue fast through stages even if you are a newbie speaker.

It covers the 3 areas in using stages;
#1- You will get to master talks and speeches that’ll convert your audience to loyal buyers.  In other words, The story section.
#2- Creating a system to book the right stages that are actually on demand. In other words, The stage section.
#3- Scaling your past stages to change more lives while growing your business and brofit. In other words, The SCALE section.

Stage To Scale Method Review, What Do You Get?

The program handles three major sections, namely; the Story, the Scale, and the Stage. Inside members area, You will get access to 7 modules. Each module contains:

  • Training videos. Lifetime access to 50 video lessons (available online 24/7). Plus, Free updates.
  • A Transcript for each video (So, Don’t worry if you are not a native English speaker.)
  • An Audio-only version (So. You can grasp the course while you are jogging, traveling, or commuting to work.)
  • A Workbook, which is your homework and you need to complete it before you move to the next video.

To clarify, let’s dig deep in the training…

Stage To Scale Method Program

The Stage To Scale Training Program comes over 8 weeks. Where the first 7 weeks will cover the 7 modules of the training and the last week is the graduation celebration week…

#Week 1 is the foundation. In this module, Pete vargas will share his success story with you. Also, you will learn why stages matter, sitting your goal & get overview about Stage To Scale Method.

In modules 2 & 3 Pete and Pat Quinn (Pete’s head mentor.) cover the story section.

#Week 2:
Crafting Your Signature Talk.
You will learn how to build a high-converting signature talk to use in your podcasts, livestreams, sales conversation, webinars and any other situation online or offline.
So, you didn’t have to start from scratch every time you gave a new presentation (no matter if the talk time was 60 minutes or 5 minutes). 

#Week 3: Deliver and Maximize Your Talk. Learn how you can go from normal speaker to world-class speaker. So, Make your talk the best (not only good) with a tiny things that you will learn from pete and Pat Quinn.

In modules 4 & 5 you’ll learn the scale section.

#Week 4:
Scale Your Past Stage. 
You will learn how to Create Your Scaling Offer (product,) understanding the different ways to scale past stage with your audience, and how to turn those ideas into reality.

#Week 5: Craft Lead Collection & Maximize sales. In this module, You will learn about the 3 types of opt-ins and the type that converts the highest from stage, The Art of collecting leads & The Step-by-step playbook of what to do pre-game, game time, and post-game to maximize your sales.

In modules 6 & 7 you’ll learn the stage section.

#Week 6:
The Business Model of Speaking. 
In this module, Pete will help you discover the 5 types of revenue-generating stages that you can take advantage of. Also, helping you present yourself like an expert so you can meet the specific requirements of the audience as well as the meeting planner.

#Week 7: Winning Stages. You will learn the 2 different methods to find and win these stages (including the exact Unstoppable Stage campaign that Pete and his Advance Your Reach team have used to win over 25,000 stages over the last 15 years). Also, Pete helps you understand the decision-makers who hold the key to your dream stages so  you can solve their needs and close the deal every time.  

#Week 8: Massive Graduation Celebration. You’ve done it! So, You will get a certificate for completing the Stage To Scale Method Training.

Stage To Scale Bonus Package


Bonus #1: 3 Bonus Modules

Stage To Scale Bonus Vaults

These modules are Story Vault, Stage Vault, and Scale Vault. So, To land the audiences who need your message, Pete gives you detailed checklists, deep interviews, and his own tips and tricks in these bonus vaults. And as you see from its names, These modules are dedicated to give you much more value, knowledge, and resources for the story, stage, and scale sections.

Bonus #2: 8 Weeks of LIVE Group Coaching. (Value: $10,000)

Pete Vargas & pat quinn Stage To Scale

As Pete says, This is his favorite part of the program! The Stage To Scale team is in the Facebook community daily, providing feedback and coaching PLUS you will have 2 full Q&A sessions each week. Even if you can’t attend the meetings live, you’ll be able to submit your questions ahead of time.

Bonus #3: A FREE Ticket to ADVANCE 360 iNTERACTIVE (Value: $997)

When you join, you’ll also get a ticket to our 3-day LIVE event where you’ll go deeper into the Stage to Scale Method.You’ll meet world-renowned speakers, coaches, and influencers… and get to meet Pete and his team.
This is the ONLY event dedicated to growing your business through stages. The Advance 360 iNTERACTIVE event is more than a summit, webinar, or Livestream! It’s a completely immersive, interactive, and engaging experience you won’t forget!

Bonus #4: Build a Course in 7 Days Training Program. (Value: $997)

stage to scale bonus

This is a proven model into building a digital course in 7 days – they even go behind the scenes into how their team helped Hal Elrod create his course in ONLY 1 day. Also, You can use this simple process to get your course up and running faster than you ever thought possible!

Stage To Scale Method Price & Guarantee

The program comes with enrollment options:

  • One payment of $1997. (save $220)
  • 3 payments of $739.
  • 6 payments of $389.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

You have a net 30 days refund period from purchase date. We know the power of this program and that it works when it’s used. Because of that, You are required to mail back any materials received, plus show them you have done the work, and attend at least one coaching call.

Is Stage To Scale Method For You?

Pete Vargas’ Stage to Scale Method is for anyone looking for the fastest way to get his message out to the world. As a result, You can reach YOUR audience and increase your revenue and impact.

In summary, It is for:

  • Speakers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Financial advisors
  • Service providers (Consultants, Coach, Healer, etc.)
  • Authors, Podcasters, and Bloggers.
  • Industry Experts and Business Owners.
  •  Non-Profit Owners.

It doesn’t matter the niche you are in or your area of expertise. As long as you want to talk to people on stages and secure jobs from the people you are talking to, Stage to Scale is fit for you.


Stage To Scale Method is comprehensive course from Pete Vargas that has made many success stories. It is a step by step method for every one aiming to be a super speaker.With this method, get your Signature Talk done, your campaign to win stages on-demand built, and even build your scaling offer to sell to your audience. In short, You have everything you need to use stages to grow your business and increase your impact.

With a 30-day money back guarantee, you are risk free and have nothing to lose. You only need to follow and work according to the instructions offered by Pete and his team. 

Honestly, Stage to scale is the best course if you need to use stages to grow your business and increase your impact. And I  know it’ll be the best decision you make this year.



FREE Book + Live Training

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FREE Book + Live Training

The 5-step sales system for building a PROFITABLE Online business

Using a secret source of FREE traffic