Impact BreakOut Program Review & Bonus

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First of all, if you are interested in The Impact BreakOut Program, you can find the OFFICIAL WEBSITE HERE.

Hint: For Tina’s Free Live Masterclass, Free eBook, and Free Checklist, See the next paragraph.

Who Is Tina Fletcher?

Tina Fletcher is Brand Ethos Strategist. She help professionals transform their businesses with a Brand Ethos that connects with their true clients online.
Tina’s mission has become to help businesses, coaches, authors, artists, and entrepreneurs transform their business from the ground up. so, they can grow rapidly to the level they dream of.

So, for years ago, She worked hard helping people, firstly as a graphic designer, then a web designer and developer and eventually as a business coach while I was doing that.

She was so frustrated that people couldn’t see that with the right SYSTEM, the right TOOLS, and the right HELP they could achieve their dream business they looking for. Tina teach people the best way to bring it all together by creating a brand ethos and build up from there.

Free Video Series & eBooks by Tina Fletcher

You get a FREE Live Masterclass training on how to showcase your business. so, you can connect with your right audience and turn them into your TRUE Clients. Learn how to STOP marketing to the wrong people and to never have to hard SELL again!
Also, Download the free ebook & free checklist to rate your online presence!


This class will be run LIVE on 4 different times where you will learn:

#2 – eBook: 7 Reasons Why Your Business Must have A Professional Website

Tina Fletcher eBook

If you are a business owner and deciding if you need a website, even if you are just starting out, I’ll save you the time . . . YOU NEED ONE!
A professional strategically build website that catches leads, increases sales and is brand based put you ahead of the curve with your Audience.

#3 – Checklist to rate your online presence!

Tina Fletcher Checklist

Do you want to be an A+ Business online but are not sure what you should focus on first?

What Is The Impact BreakOut Program?

The Impact BreakOut Program is a 90 Day intensive Program with unlimited 1-1 coaching with Tina Fletcher. It is designed to help you take action and take your existing business either online (if it’s not already) or to declutter, streamline and put in place systems for you to work smarter in your existing business. 
It teaches business owners, coaches, authors, artists, and entrepreneurs all of the background philosophy, which in turn, would allow them to make more money, more impact, more success and, really connect with the Brand.
So, you can recognize your company objective, vision, voice, consumers and brand name ethos. This allows you to not just understand the power of a brand name, but also digs deep into how to link to your audience on a more profound degree.

Now, You must be asking…

What you will get in Impact Breakout 90 Day intensive Program?

UNLIMITED 1-1 Laser Coaching Sessions

These sessions will usually be about 15 minutes. But because Tina has a focal point,  She are working on an easy to create momentum. Then, you will be given the next step.

EXCLUSIVE Online Members Only Area

step by step Online Training with instructions training, audio, written content, workbooks and more. Plus Bonus Training & Tech on recommended tools helping you do tasks faster and easier, which Tina has used to get the best results. 

LIVE WEEKLY Training Sessions plus Q&A

The aim of these sessions is to go deeper into the training, look at case studies,  and take student’s components and create them live. Also, you can ask any question.

12 MONTH ACCESS Bite-Size Learning Sessions

To stop overwhelming with all the moving parts,  you will get your content one lesson at a time. Then you will need to complete This Lesson Task’ to move on.

Secret Facebook Group

Connect with others, Get your questions answered, and learn from the shared experience.

Impact BreakOut Program Bonus

Technology Training

In this training, You will master tech subjects such as funnel creation, ebook creation, email campaigns etc.

Prebuilt Website

Here, You can choose from  three pre-built websites to make your start even faster. All you need to do is simply upload it onto your WordPress Website and you will have a come website that you can easily customise it, add your content and images and you are away. And Yes, the training will show you how.

Impact BreakOut Program Price & Guarantee

The program with bonuses comes with 3 enrolment options:

  • Pay In Full $397 (Best Saving)
  • 3 Monthly Payment Plan $147 x 3
  • 4 Monthly Payment Plan $117 x 4
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

100% Guarantee Results

Your Enrolment in the “Impact BreakOut Program” is Risk-Free. Take the entire Impact BreakOut Program, watch all the training, join in the Facebook Group. If at the end of 30 days you aren’t moving toward creating your Brand, Website and Online Presence in a way the excited you then you will get a 100% refund of your money.

Conclusion & Rating
Impact BreakOut Program Review

If you are ready to Showcase Your Business in its TRUE Light then you need to be part the Impact BreakOut Program. Don’t let time go by without moving toward this SUCCESS. Transform your connection with your Audience by Creating your Brand Ethos, Building your Website, Showcasing on the RIGHT Social Media sites, and Using the 5 Phases of Impact Marketing.

You will have the tools  you need to work on your business Brand Ethos. Also, you will get unlimited laser-focused one on one sessions with Tina. All the training programs, live weekly training, and Q&A sessions plus bonus tech training and a pre-built website.