eFormula Review & Bonus By Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton (2024)

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This will be your LAST CHANCE to take advantage of what could be a truly life-changing opportunity, If you’re ON THE FENCE about whether or not you should take advantage of this, then I highly recommend you to Read This Secret Letter From Aidan Booth Now!

eFormula (ALL-DETAILS)

Who Is Aidan Booth?

Aidan Booth started in 2006 with the idea of building a small income stream that would allow him to be geographically independent. He set up his first internet marketing site. He moved his focus from affiliate sites with paid traffic to a mixture of eCommerce sites and affiliate sites. These sites leveraged Google traffic (via top rankings) and a mixture of different paid traffic sources.

Fast forward to now, his business has completely changed to how it was when I started out back in 2005. Aidan has created many successful Programs like 7-Figure Cycle, 100K Factory, Parallel Profits, Kibo Code, and 123 Profit.

Steven Clayton partnered with Aidan Booth in 2013. Now, they have multiple ventures that collectively generate 8-figures each year and have a team of over 60 employees who are based in the USA and all across the globe.


A secret one-page “CHEAT SHEET” my friend Aidan has released, reveals 7 steps to identify and sell high-margin products online using nothing but FREE TRAFFIC.

Now, there are a number of key pieces of information that you should be aware of:

  • With this incredible system, you only sell products with a verified sales history that you KNOW people are BUYING.
  • You don’t need to be based in the USA, and neither do you need to worry about doing any marketing, paying for ads, or placing huge inventory orders to get started.
  • You also generate zero-cost traffic by leveraging a colossal marketplace that gets up to 65 million visitors daily.

So if you’re someone who’s looking for the opportunity to build an online business in 2024 or wants to create a new income stream alongside an existing business…it’s really important to get hold of this CHEAT SHEET and the BOOK and read through them as soon as possible.

[FREE BOOK] How to Sell Profitable Products with FREE Traffic

Aidan Booth has recorded a time-sensitive video from downtown Dubai, revealing how to get hold of a FREE BOOK he’s just written.

In the book he reveals a system to sell *high-margin* products on a FREE TRAFFIC marketplace which gets up to 65 million visitors every day. His business uses this marketplace to generate up to $300,000 in product sales each month – and I can tell you right now, it is undoubtedly the biggest pool of “buyers” on the planet.

Now, let me give you some important details about this system…

  • You only sell in-demand products that you KNOW people are BUYING…
  • You only use FREE traffic…
  • You DON’T need a website to get started…
  • You DON’T need to do any marketing…
  • You can do this from anywhere in the world…

But most importantly, as you’ll discover in the book, he and his team have spent the past year developing a series of breakthrough SHORTCUTS that could dramatically increase the speed in which sales could be made.

What they’ve come up with, after pouring in a VAST amount of resources, is totally unique and unlike anything that you would have seen before.


eFORMULA is a highly effective and VERY UNIQUE way of selling simple, profitable physical products online using 100% FREE TRAFFIC.

However, there are a number of KEY DIFFERENCES to what you may have seen before. We’ve developed a series of *breakthrough* SHORTCUTS that will remove the “guesswork”, help leapfrog the learning curve… and will help people succeed MUCH FASTER.

What are these shortcuts exactly?
Well, what I can tell you right now is that no one has EVER attempted to create “shortcuts” like these before (as far as we know)…
The incredible SOFTWARE and SHORTCUTS we’re going to provide will make this offer a complete no-brainer.
My team and I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to make this happen – and we’ll be sharing the details with you soon.
People are going to be BLOWN AWAY and The buzz is going to be huge.

What Do You Get In 123 eFormula?

We’ve put together an unprecedented set of comprehensive components that’ll give you EVERYTHING you need to build a successful business selling established, high-margin products that have HUGE DEMAND.

This is LIGHT-YEARS beyond anything that’s come before- and our Battle Cry is DONE-FOR-YOU EVERYTHING!

Live training


Comprehensive step-by-step training showing you EXACTLY how to build your business and take advantage of our shortcuts, services and software.

Essentially, what this training will allow you to do is to take advantage of our experience, expertise and infrastructure right from the get-go and all the content will be delivered by myself and my team.

live coaching


Live coaching webinars and “success sessions” that will further help you build your business as quickly as possible.

These live calls will happen multiple times per week with live training, milestone check points, comprehensive recaps and much more. Here’s what you’re going to get…

There will be lots of live interaction and chat on all of these calls so you can tell us your progress and we can keep you on track.


Our Private Vault of over THOUSANDS of “hand-picked” pre-vetted products that you can start selling immediately. We’ve already had a detailed look at The Buyers club – but just to clarify for a moment about how this will work…

Then after you have your first product live, you can scale up, by selecting and selling MULTIPLE products to build your portfolio and scale your business.

The Buyers Club will save you a TON of time and money and will help springboard your way to your first sales and revenue. All you need to do is select a product, and you’ll be off and running.

private warehouse


Exclusive access to our 40,000 sq ft private warehouse and our expert in-house teams.

As you know, you’ll be getting exclusive access to a large team of dedicated in-house specialists working behind the scenes doing the time-consuming work for you. This is a massive advantage that will enable you to…

The PRIVATE WAREHOUSE and all our teams will save you time, save you money and help you avoid issues so you can start selling faster!


Amazing support is something of CRITICAL importance and you are going to be getting it in spades. What we are doing here is providing multiple avenues of support and assistance so you can get help whenever you need it. There are three key areas of support…

Essentially, you can ask questions and get support from our wonderful support team whenever it is required…

Just To Sum up… Here are 8 Key Benefits Of This System…

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