Future Coach Review & Bonus By Eben Pagan (2023)

Eben Pagan Future Coach

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Future Coach (ALL-DETAILS)

Who Is Eben Pagan?

eben pagan

Eben Pagan was born on December 5, 1971 (age 47 years), Brooklyn, New York, United States. He is a well-known entrepreneur teacher and technology investor. He’s devoted the past years of his life to the study of opportunity and creating many trainings that teach entrepreneurs all his own strategies and techniques for business, marketing, and wealth creation.

He teaches coaches and entrepreneurs around the world to get clients and grow their businesses through our online courses (Like Eben Pagan Altitude), coaching programs, books, and communities. He is passionate about teaching coaches the skills they need to grow their coaching practices, and help others succeed.

Eben has launched and invested in many companies, selling more than 100 million dollars of products and services. In these products, he has taught thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners about starting and growing their coaching business & building digital products.

Limited Time FREE Future Coach EXPO

Coach Expo

In the Coach EXPO 2023, you will learn from over 20 different 7-figure coaches and teachers…

  • How to build your confidence and credibility…
  • How to attract more high-paying clients…
  • Psychology and neuroscience of high performance…

These are all coaches who have built 7-figure and 8-figure coaching and teaching companies, and you’re going to be getting the essential knowledge and skills to use right now… in 2023… to build your coaching business.

What Is Future Coach?

In The Future Coach Program, you will learn to use “Digital Intelligence” – the most powerful new technology of our lifetime – to write great marketing, create your online courses, and make powerful presentations to get clients… and get it all done LIVE in the next 6 Weeks!

If you’re an educated professional who is actually serious about building your career and earning more in the future, then there are really TWO important skills to master right now:

  1. Coaching
  2. A.I.

Here’s why:

When you learn coaching, you learn a completely new skill set, that allows you to accelerate the success of OTHERS. This means that any skill you learn in the future becomes one more thing you can teach and coach.

It literally makes the skills you have more valuable, and the skills you learn in the FUTURE more valuable as well.

This is big.

And when you learn A.I. you are literally learning the language of the future. It accelerates your coaching, your client-getting, and the growth of your coaching business.

A.I. has obviously been around for a long time, but what’s new is the “creative” systems that we now have, like ChatGPT, and Midjourney. These are like having a “skip ahead” button on life, or like having a team of writers and researchers working for you 24/7 for free. It’s really incredible.

But it works a LOT better when you learn the simple language of prompting. And you can learn it fast!

Where’s the one place you can learn both of these skills at the same time?

Eben Pagan and Annie Lalla’s new Future Coach program!

What Do You Get?

Psychic Marketing A.I. Tools

12 “Psychic Marketing” A.I. Tools

Get 12 A.I. Powered Tools to get these things “Done For You” in minutes instead of hours or days:

Marketing Templates

$100 Million Marketing Templates

Don’t “reinvent the wheel” with your marketing! We have spent Millions of Dollars over the past 2 decades to craft the Exact Templates that work best for coaches. We have used these same formulas for years and now you can use them too.

This is the one of the most valuable tools we’ve ever created and using them to create your web pages ensures that they are done RIGHT each time using our best proven strategies for one purpose: Getting Great Clients!

6-Week Virtual Coach Program

The Virtual Coach Is The Most Complete Coaching & Business Training Program in the world we want you to have the best training around. Build your Confidence. Build your Credibility. Get More Clients, Guaranteed.

But that’s not all; If you decide to join us today we’ll also hand you $2,700 in Bonuses

A.I. Coaching

(BONUS#1) UPGRADE: Master Prompting Live

Learn the secret techniques to “Train The A.I.” to speak in your voice, outline and create your content, marketing, and website segments – and do more in an hour than you used to do in a week. This Live Course will teach you the formulas to leverage the true power of A.I. in your business and achieve Super Productivity with your daily tasks.

Client Getting Prompts

(BONUS#2) 100 Tested Client Getting Prompts

Unlocking the full potential of A.I. is the key to tomorrow’s success. Here’s a simple truth about A.I: You get out what you put in. Sadly, the majority of new coaches seeking to utilize AI in their operations are caught up in a whirlwind of misleading advice on how to correctly use these tools. However, with our proven set of Prompts, you can start to extract the best from A.I. right from the get-go.

Coaching A.I. Power Tools

(BONUS#3) 12 Coaching A.I. Power Tools

Transform Your Clients + Create More Value Every Time. Use these incredible tools with your clients to provide them with an unparalleled coaching experience. Give your clients the royal treatment without adding hours of work to your schedule to do it. Get happier higher paying clients, fans and students that recommend you to their friends when you use these transformative A.I. tools in the background…

(BONUS#4) NEXUS: Your Affluent Client Network

Introducing NEXUS: Your blueprint to building a network of affluent clients. If it’s satisfaction you seek, coach everyone. But if it’s financial success you’re after, you need to focus on coaching the prosperous. Over 50 million millionaires are out there, waiting to be discovered.

Self-Made WEALTH

(BONUS#5) Self-Made WEALTH: Master Making Money

Recognize and Overcome the Four Obstacles That Prevent Financial & Wealth Success…

Self-Made WEALTH is a revolutionary program designed to reset your financial blueprint and put you on the path to true prosperity. We’ve been wired with unproductive beliefs and practices about money that hold us back from achieving genuine wealth. This program doesn’t just focus on money as a measure of wealth, but delves deeper into the principles, strategies, and mindset that the world’s wealthiest people use to create and sustain their affluence.

Create Your Course

(BONUS#6) The PRODUCT PLAN: Create Your Course

Introducing The Product Plan – Course Creation Masterclass, your stepping stone to creating top-notch online courses that captivate, educate, and sell. This program is specially designed to guide you through the A-Z of course creation, from conceptualizing your course idea to marketing it effectively. With this masterclass, you will gain the tools and knowledge to transform your expertise into a profitable online course that your audience will love.