$100K Content Iceberg Method By Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz (2022)

Chris Munch Ampifire Review

 Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz is about to launch their brand new training program, The $100K Content Iceberg Method.

We’re about to begin LIVE training with the world’s #1 experts in finding low competition, high-value FREE traffic in ANY niche…(even the most competitive ones where paying for ads is crazy expensive!)

You’re going to see how Chris used the content iceberg method to generate 117,660 free ultra-targeted visitors worth $594,183 with just 49 articles (you don’t even have to make the content yourself!)

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Who are Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz?

Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz

Chris Munch is a famous internet marketer, who is best known as being the owner of MunchEye, and being the founder of various different Saas companies.

He has also released some high-quality courses, helping people all around the world find success. He is also the founder of PressCable, a news distribution & content marketing company specializing in helping agencies get local businesses more visibility online.

Over the past 15 years, Chris has been releasing independent websites and software into the wild web. His sites and online properties have reached in excess of 30 million people online, and sold hundreds of thousands of digital and physical products, and been featured in TheSun, Mashable, USAToday, BBC.co.uk. Wired, Gizmodo & more.

Jay Cruiz is an entrepreneur and the business partner of Chris Munch. He is the Co-Founder of PressCable. Also, he co-founded the programs 100k ShoutOut and AmpiFire with Chris Munch. Jay left his job in 2013 to start his own business then teamed with Chris and helped to increase sales by 350% in a short time.

What Is The $100K Content Iceberg Method?

This is a revolutionary method to get free buyer traffic in any niche. It can be done for any website or offer in ANY niche.

Last year (2021) Chris generated $274,800 worth of FREE traffic, with a project I hadn’t touched for 2 years. The year before (2020), was $455,545.

The year before that (2019) is when he was actively working on the project and generated $588,300 in free traffic.

What we mean by that – if you were to PAY for that traffic through pay-per-click advertising, you’d be charged roughly $5 per click, because it’s a competitive, commercial niche where a lot of money can be made.

That’s one site, one side project, barely touched in years…

… still generating free, high-quality traffic every single day.

Chris does this across his entire business.

More importantly to you though, he’s taught this method to others and they’re able to BEAT mega-corporations with it…

Why Does It Work So Well?

Membership Masterclass

Over Half A Million Dollars Worth Of Traffic; 117,000 Visitors Valued At $5 Per Click

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