Eben Pagan Virtual Coach Review (2019)

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HINT: Registration to Virtual Coach system will be closed on November 27, 2019. So, act now & Check your Virtual Coach Bonus Package (Valued at $32,000+) HERE.

Who Is Eben Pagan?

eben pagan 2019

Eben Pagan was born on December 5, 1971 (age 47 years), Brooklyn, New York, United States. He is a well-known entrepreneur teacher and technology investor. He’s devoted the past years of his life to the study of opportunity and creating many trainings that teach entrepreneurs all his own strategies and techniques for business, marketing, and wealth creation.

Eben has launched and invested in many companies, selling more than 100 million dollars of products and services. In these products, he has teached thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners about:

  • Starting A Business
  • Growing A Business
  • Building A Digital Product
  • Marketing
  • Money And Wealth

Before we dig deep in the Virtual Coach Review, let’s take a look at ▼▼

Limited Time FREE “How To Become A Virtual Coach” Training 

In this FREE workshop, Eben is giving you his complete system for coaching business. The Training Consisting of 4 lessons (Videos & Downloadable PDFs)

Lesson #1: The Coach’s Secret

Inside, you’ll learn “The Coach’s Secret” – which will show you: 

Lesson #2: The Inner Game Of Coaching

Inside, you’ll learn: 

Lesson #3: How Coaching Sells Itself

Inside this lesson, you’ll learn: 

Now… You must be asking

What is Virtual Coach program?

virtual coach 2019

The Eben Pagan’s Virtual Coach gives you a comprehensive system to help you build a coaching practice that you truly LOVE. If you’re just starting out, the Virtual Coach will give you everything you need to become a coach and launch your coaching practice in just 10 weeks.

If you’re already a coach, the Virtual Coach can exponentially increase your coaching skills and help you build a powerful system for getting all the clients you need online.

As you will see in my Virtual Coach Review,This System has 7 Key Parts. When you link them all together, they work in perfect synergy to create a “Next Level Coaching Practice”… a practice that has the power to transform lives all over the world.

The Virtual Coach Training Program Breakdown?

Let’s dig deep in the  Virtual Coach review. The program consists of 2 parts including 7 modules.

PART 1: How To Deliver High-Value Coaching That’s Actually Worth The Thousands of Dollars Clients Will Invest

This is the most important part of The Virtual Coach Training and Certification Program. If your coaching sessions aren’t immensely valuable, the best sales and marketing advice in the world won’t work for you in the long term.

This section includes the following 4 modules:

MODULE 1: Breakthrough Conversations

In this module, You’ll learn How to give someone a big breakthrough in their life with a simple conversation. Also, You will get Eben’s best coaching approaches, scripts, and frameworks so you’ll always know what to say to every client, in every situation, with complete confidence (You’ll never experience any ‘awkward silences’ or scramble to figure out where to go next in a coaching session).

MODULE 2: Personal & Relationship Leadership Coaching

Here, you will learn How to use the coaching skills you’re developing to impact co-workers, colleagues, team-mates and family members, to get the best out of them by transforming them into their best selves. 

Plus, The Love-Dojo Method – how to help clients break through any conflicts or issues in their own relationships, in a way that actually makes the relationship better, stronger and closer than it was before the conflict occurred (this will absolutely be transformative for your own love life and the dynamics of your family… and your clients will thank you for teaching them this method, for years to come).

MODULE 3: The Inner Game Of Coaching

Even when you have the ability to transform your clients’ lives, you may still suffer from ‘imposter syndrome’… until you let go of your own insecurities, limiting beliefs, issues, and inner-conflicts. In this module, you’ll discove, how to build unshakable confidence, The Confidence Code, and become the best coach you can be.

MODULE 4: Visionary Coaching

In this Module, you will learn How to help your clients develop a vision for their lives.

You will also get the blueprint for personal transformation to get to the next level in the six key areas of your life: purpose, mind, relationships, emotions, success, and health.

PART 2: How To Attract & Sign Up High-End Coaching Clients


You could be the best coach in the world. But, if you don’t have any real clients who have invested in working with you, that skill will soon become rusty and over time you may even lose it. Like all skills, coaching must be practiced ‘in the field’ on a regular basis.

That’s why, in order to become certified in the Virtual Coach Method, you must also demonstrate your ability to understand, master and implement the following modules that can lead to a never-ending stream of clients for your coaching business.

MODULE 5: Targeting Your Personal Coaching Niche

Discover how to create your own core competency & category that you can be first in, brand yourself, and how to even become “a little bit famous”. You’ll get Eben’s proven marketing templates, so all you have to do is fill in the blanks and instantly create niche-specific education based, ethical marketing that will serve your client and make them want to work with you.

Plus, Secrets of Six and Seven Figure Coaches.

MODULE 6: Branded Coaching Package Design

Discover How to create a coaching package that clients want to buy for between $2k-$10k. You’ll learn the all important skill of how to offer long-term coaching packages, so you can sign up a client for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, or more.

MODULE 7: Attract Coaching Clients

Learn how to create your own “client invitation” that automatically attracts your ideal clients to you and leads to people contacting you to enquire about your coaching. Plus, You’ll learn the most popular places to find new clients online and how to position yourself so they come to you asking for help and asking how to work with you.

BONUS MODULE: Social Media Mastery

After this module, you will be professional in building your email list from Facebook & drive lots of free traffic from social media to your website with a cutting-edge “5-minute a day” strategy.

Virtual Coach System Price & Guarantee

The program comes with 2 enrollment options:

  • One payment of $1997.
  • 12 payments of $197.
money-back virtual coach

90-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you go through the Virtual Coach course, attend your classes and do your homework, and at the end 90 days later, you don’t have your digital product done, just show them all your homework and exercises so Eben know you went through the program — and he’ll happily refund your entire tuition and give you all your money back.

HINT: Registration to Virtual Coach system will be closed on November 27, 2019.

Virtual Coach Bonus Package (Valued at $32,000+)

Bonus #1: Tech Tool Trainings (Value $1997)

Tech Tool Trainings

The first bonus you are going to receive when you register for Virtual Coach is going to walk you through how to setup your online tools, so you can build a system that actually automates your entire business… even if you’re starting from scratch.

Bonus #2: Marketing Step-By-Step (Value $997)

marketing step by step

Master marketing so you can get as many customers as you need for your business. Plus you will develop a skill that is in high demand and will pay you for the rest of your life.

Bonus #3: Wake Up Productive (Value $497

wake up productive

It’s is a set of tools and habit-creation systems that are guaranteed to double your productivity. This training is easy to consume and highly effective…

Bonus #4: Presentations That Pay (Value $197)

presentation that pay

Presentations That Pay teaches you the mindsets, techniques and even the wordings and scripts that trigger people to buy & investments in themselves.

Bonus #5: Digital Product Marketing Library (Value $24,000)

advanced digital product creation

THIS IS EBEN’S BEST STUFF on creating digital products and doing online marketing. It will change the game for you when you go through it.

This BONUS library consists of 5 courses:

  • How to identify what you know and create a high-value product that people want to buy.
  • How to design and create a site that sells your course.
  • How to create marketing that gets you lots of traffic.
  • Creating a super-valuable product.
  • Advanced course on marketing psychology.

Bonus #6: Tickets To Virtual Coach LIVE (Value $1997)

2 ticket bonus

This is where you’ll get to spend 3 full days with Eben putting all the lessons you’ve learned in the 90-day Virtual Coach program, and tying it all together.

You’ll also have the opportunity to network with other coaches, across a variety of industries, as well as talk to vendors who can further assist your coaching business. This event is geared to both new and experienced coaches and will be a game-changer for you!

When you choose to pay your Virtual Coach tuition in full, you will save $382 and 2 tickets, while you will get only 1 ticket if you choose payment plan.

Here’s Everything You Get When You Register Today…

Virtual Coach Bonuses

Is Virtual Coach System For You?

virtual coach review 2019 testimonials

Eben Pagan Virtual Coach Program is for anyone in any niche. So, If you’ve always felt a special calling to help others, and you’ve always dreamed about doing the kind of work that makes a REAL difference in people’s lives… It’s for you of course.

 Virtual Coach teaches you how to live your dream lifestyle while helping other people. This program is for you, If you’re just starting out or you’re already a coach. You will get everything you need to become a coach and launch your coaching practice in just 10 weeks. Further more, the Virtual Coach can exponentially increase your coaching skills and help you build a powerful system for getting all the clients you need online.

So, if you are serious about building your coaching business (and taking it to the next level) over the next 10 weeks, you need to act fast before enrollment is closed. I honestly know it’ll be the best decision you make this year.

Overall Rating

HINT: Registration to Virtual Coach system will be closed on November 27, 2019.

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